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Nominate resilient projects, policies or resources to be included in Returns on Resilience. ULI welcomes new submissions and can provide some support with research and writing.

The Urban Land Institute is grateful for The Kresge Foundation’s generous support of ULI’s Urban Resilience Program and of this publication. This report would not have been possible without the time and energy of a devoted group of volunteer members from the Responsible Property Investment Council, including Molly McCabe (chair) and Philip Payne (past chair), as well as Jim Batchelor, Uwe Brandes, Jack Davis, Bettina Mehnert, Roger Platt, Cherie Santos-Wuest, and Charu Singh. We are also grateful for the many ULI members who suggested projects to be considered in this report and to the project representatives who shared the details of their developments for inclusion. Sarene Marshall was project director and author of the original Returns on Resilience: The Business Case, working with primary author Kathleen McCormick, Brenden McEneaney, Paul Angelone, Alison Johnson, Ofer Barpal and other colleagues from ULI.